Band Day

Today is Band Day in Williston. This may not mean much to you, so I’ll try to explain. Band Day is to Williston is what New Years Eve is to New York. It’s what Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. It’s like Groundhog Day in Punxutawney. In fact, if you took the weather from New Years Eve, the marching bands from Mardi Gras and added all of the drama and fanfare of Groundhog Day… well, you wouldn’t be describing Band Day, but you’d be close.

The parade lasted a full three hours, and could basically be described this way: marching band, big oil company pickup truck towing a flatbed trailer with people standing on it, big oil company truck with an obligatory streamer taped on the side, big oil company truck with no decorations whatsoever… repeat. Big oil companies may not understand the concept of a parade float, but they do know the number one rule of parades: throw lots of candy. The local dental offices must love this event.
All kidding aside, there were some actual floats in the parade, and everybody seemed to be having a good old time. This year’s honored guest band was the Distinguished Men of Brass, who appeared on America’s Got Talent a few times. That’s all for today; now it’s off to the races to watch a bunch of guys drive in a circle on a dirt track. Thanks for reading!