How To Write The Best Review Emails That Get Results

If you’re like most small business owners I know, asking for reviews isn’t fun. What are the best review emails you can send?

Here’s the best review email I’ve ever sent out. You can copy this word-for-word if you like – I won’t tell.

Subject: Small favor

Hello [customer name],

Would you do me a small favor? It will take less than a minute, but it would mean a lot.

Would you write a review of your experience with us? (Here’s the quick link: [put your link here] )

Google Reviews help people like you make decisions every day. They help to explain our service in a way that we can’t do ourselves.

(If you’ve already left a review, thank you so much!)

Here’s how to write a review:

1. Click the link below.
2. Sign into your Google account if asked (you might already be signed in!)
3. Write your review, give us a star rating, and press “post”.

That’s it! It’s quick and easy, and it really does help others to make an informed decision.

Here’s the link to write a review: [put your link here]

Thank you!

Best Review Emails
The best review emails get your customers to click through and write reviews.

This email is automatically sent out to our customers through our scheduling software. I send it one week after we’ve completed the job. I’ll probably run a test to find out if this copy would perform better on a shorter timetable, but right now it’s been bringing plenty of reviews at that 7-day mark.

Keep in mind, the best review emails frame your request as something that benefits your customer. In this case, you’re telling them that they’ll be helping other people like themselves. They get a good feeling from helping their fellow man, and you get a good review.