Changing trains

Twenty two hours on a train is a long time. I shift in my seat, trying for the umpteenth time to find a comfortable position. At times like this I begin to wonder, will this ever change?

Of course, it will change. Life is funny like that. In the moment everything seems more permanent. We grow impatient, wondering whether our situation will always be this way. We worry and fret. Time seems to drag on. But eventually, everything changes. All of those moments that seemed so interminably long pass by, and something new comes to take their place. Truly, the only option we have is to accept change, to embrace it as a part of life. We can only enjoy the present as it is, and accept the future as it arrives.

The train slows, then stops. I step through the doorway and into the open air of Williston, North Dakota. The train is now a memory. Change has come again.

Think I’ve written enough about trains? That’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading!