A beautiful blend of oranges and reds burns on the horizon. Slowly, yet inevitably the deeper blues and purples of evening advance downward, chasing the sun as if to snuff it out forever.  The clouds, the armies of the heavens, massive and dark, look on in silent expectation.
The battle is set. The resistance glows bright, fighting valiantly to stay the fated course. The splendid hues reach the assembled clouds, forming a sort of skirmish line against the approaching darkness. Against this last bastion of the day, menacing and confident, the soldiers of the night launch their assault.
The struggle cannot last. The nocturnal forces drive forward relentlessly, taking no prisoners, giving no quarter. Day’s strength is gone, its battalions of brightness retreating below the horizon. The final pockets of resistance are overrun. Night has arrived.
I’m headed home from a long weekend. The view from the train was so captivating, I just had to share it with you. Thanks for reading!