Evil despot rulers

“Here’s something to keep in mind, for when we’re evil despot rulers of third world countries.”

Alex and I are sitting at the kitchen table in our apartment. I’m writing, and Alex has his headphones in. I safely assume he’s listening to another audiobook.

I’m sure a perfectly reasonable thought spawned this bizarre comment. Alex is good at introducing subjects of conversation without a thorough briefing as to their origins. I’m not really sure whether he’s talking to me, or just thinking out loud.

Moments like this make me wonder: does human interaction make any sense at all? Most of the conversations I hold with those around me, if taken in isolation, would be nonsensical to an uninformed onlooker. And yet my mind is able to take in subtle clues, tie them together with the memories of past interactions, and make perfect logical sense of it all… most of the time.

“If a general ever gets a bit unhappy, be sure to kill him off right away.”

I’ll keep that in mind.

Tomorrow morning I’m taking the train west to spend time with family and friends. Not to worry, I’ll be keeping up on my writing. In the meantime, did I ever tell you that I’ve been writing for a while? Here’s a blog post I wrote many years back. Thanks for reading!