On purpose

As the end of the month approaches, I’ve been anticipating the end of this writing project. Coming up with new material every day has been a real challenge. I was thinking it was a big deal. And then I noticed that Seth Godin has been writing every day… for several years now.

At first I felt overwhelmed by the sheer weight of that achievement. Writing every day for a month has left me feeling like I’ve done nothing but write. Every day has been a struggle to come up with a topic, and then to get started. Many days I feel like I’ve written only to fill my obligation. Why would someone do this indefinitely?
Then it hit me; writers like Seth Godin have a purpose. Their writings have a common thread running through them, a central point or topic that unifies the parts for a greater purpose. Writing is more than an exercise or a good habit. It is communication, and good communication is purposeful.
A few of my readers have asked whether I would continue writing after May. I don’t have an answer for you yet, but if I do it will have to be on a central topic that I care about and stand for. In the meantime, here’s a short video explaining why ‘x’ stands for the unknown. Thanks for reading!