Out of breath and perspiring profusely, I let myself drop to the floor in my room. I just got back from a short jog around the nearby park. It’s the first bit of exercise I’ve done in months, and it shows.

I’ve never been a real fitness fanatic, but for a period of almost a year I stuck to an exercise regimen. It was nothing impressive, and any results were hardly noticeable at the time. Today, though, I’m able to appreciate what those months of steady work allowed me to do at the time.

Exercise is all well and good; there’s health benefits, it makes you feel better, all that stuff. This applies more universally, though. Maybe you really want to write better. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to juggle. Maybe sword-swallowing is your lifelong dream. The one thing all great writers, jugglers and sword-swallowers have in common: they all wrote, juggled or swallowed for countless hours on end. Practice makes perfect and all that. So quit wishing and get going.

Practice doesn’t actually make perfect, but it does make a world of difference. What have you always wanted to do? Hit reply and let me know. Thanks for reading!