The cost of inaction

Eleven forty nine.

I’m good at thinking about the cost of actions. If I do this, I get that. Nothing surprising there. (Eleven fifty one.)

But what about the cost of not acting? We tend to consider inaction to be a default, a neutral ground upon which we can stand unscathed. When the cost of acting seems too high, we happily fall back on inaction, telling ourselves that we’ve avoided a crisis. But have we? (Eleven fifty five.)

Unfortunately, the cost of inaction is difficult to measure. It is easy to measure the potential loss in a course of action; but much more difficult to estimate the cost of inaction. Just because it’s difficult, however, doesn’t mean it’s free. (Eleven fifty seven.)

Sometimes it’s easy to measure the cost of inaction… like right now, when I realize that if I don’t send this email soon, I’m going to have to pay up. The clock is ticking…. it’s time to act. Thanks for reading!