The End (of the month)

Well, here we are; the end of the month.

To date, I’ve written (and you’ve read) 7,826 words this month, for an average of 270 words per day. My longest day clocked in at 413 words, while my shortest came out at 163. Of the 40 people who subscribed, 3 unsubscribed some time during the month – probably shortly after they figured out that I wasn’t giving up my five bucks so easily. On the other hand, I received 33 replies to my topics, every one of which was greatly appreciated! Your comments and feedback were very insightful. I must say that as a writer, although sometimes the work itself can be fulfilling, it is also very rewarding to hear what readers like you are thinking!

I’ll be candid with you; writing every day has been difficult. Additionally, much of what I have sent out was below my personal standards of quality. In the future, I’ll space out my writing commitments to give more time for reflection and revision. On the other hand, it feels great to be writing again!

Now it’s your turn. What were your thoughts this month? Did you have preferred topics, length or frequency of writing? I’d love to hear from you; not just today, but any time some interesting thought crosses your mind.

That’s all! I’ll be taking a bit of a break for now to try and get caught up on some other commitments. I do have a few ideas that I’m working on, some of which will involve writing; stay tuned to learn more about them in the future. Thanks for reading!