Why you shouldn’t blame me

This is the first post in The Big Swap. Originally posted on Posterous, which has since been shut down.

It’s my brother’s fault, really.

We were having a family discussion about economics. During our discussion about economics, someone brought up Kyle Macdonald and one red paperclip. (Don’t ask how that happened; it’s something my family does. Like discussing kidney stones vs. having a baby… during Christmas Eve dinner last month. We are weird.) We’re all big fans of Kyle, although some of us didn’t even know his name; we love the idea of win-win situations, bartering, and trading a paperclip for a house in Kipling.

Of course, nobody thinks they can get a house for a paperclip. I don’t. It’s just unbelievable. Kyle did it, of course; but he was lucky. Or gifted. For sure, something like that can’t be done twice, right?

My brother disagrees (he’s that kind of guy). He challenged me to a contest: see who can trade up to a car first. Only, unlike Kyle, we’re starting with nothing. For our first trade, all we’re allowed to offer is time.

That being said, I’m offering live piano music. I love playing the piano. I don’t like to brag, but people say I’m pretty good at it. I do weddings, background music, and I’d love to play a gig with the right band. I’m willing to try new stuff, but I do have scruples and preferences. If you’ve got an idea, run it by me and we’ll talk. The length of time varies, depending on what you’re offering in trade.

If you want your own personal pianist for a day (or just an hour), send me an offer.

P.S. I’ll be keeping track of my progress right here on the blog; check back periodically and hopefully I’ll update it with new trades. (If you’re a Twitter follower or Facebook friend, I’ve already got you covered.)

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