Last night some friends and I were discussing that idealistic moment in a work day, the moment we wish our jobs would be like every day. A few separate opinions developed; I’ll only share one of them here.

It’s a clear day in Upper Michigan. You’ve just spent the morning fishing, and you and your co-worker just got started re-roofing a house. You’re working on the shade side of the roof, with the sun just barely peeking over the ridgeline when you run up the bare plywood toward the top. Your body responds to the call of active physical labor by raising your heart rate and clearing your mind. A jobsite radio is playing your favorite tune, and for a moment you know: this is the life.

I spent close to six months in residential remodeling, and this description brought back memories. What is your ideal moment in the ideal job? Hit reply and let me know. Today’s post was 127 words, the lowest so far. I’ve found that the writing becomes easier right around the hundredth word, so I guess I picked the right number. Finally, if physical labor isn’t your thing, you could put your mind to work coming up with a solution to the Year 2038 problem. Thanks for reading!