Since I started designing websites in 2010, I’ve fielded marketing questions from small business owners. New to “online” marketing and unsure of themselves, they wanted to know how the Internet could help their business.

These guides were written organically in response to some of the most frequent questions. Each one is written with construction contractors or home service professionals in mind, designed to address the needs of the small service business.

WP Starter Pack

The experience of building a website on WordPress can be fun or nightmarish, depending on the path you take. The WP Starter Pack is a quick-start method that will save you from making the same mistakes I did, and get you past the technical pitfalls that can stop first-time WordPress users. Get the WP Starter Pack >>

Housecall Pro and Zapier

For users of Housecall Pro, the Zapier feature enables a truly impressive level of customization and automation. This free video course provides a step-by-step walkthrough of setting up this integration. Sign up for free >>

The Complete Guide to Lead Generation Websites

Having fielded countless questions from home service professionals about one lead website or another, I finally created this guide to answer every question about every website I knew. Start here >>

The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing in Housecall Pro

Whether you just started using Housecall Pro or you’ve been on the platform since the beginning, this guide can help you make use of the marketing features within this powerful software. Read on >>