The Dip: book review

I’m reading through 70 books in 2018. This is one of them.

I’ve read a lot of Seth Godin over the years, and this review reflects that. I’ve also read The Dip before. It was one of the books on my list which I thought would be worth a re-read. It did not disappoint.

The Dip which the title refers to is the area of frustrating struggle which separates beginners from winners, or the hopeful from the best in the world. This is the clear subject of the entire book, and Seth uses many examples to illustrate in detail why pushing through the dip (the concept, not the book) is worth it.

Intertwined with the main subject is the subject of quitting. In this sense, I feel like the book almost misses an opportunity with the title, as the dip is entirely about knowing when to quit and when to push through. The impact of the advice and questions in this book is difficult to overstate. If you are one who struggles to know when to quit, or when to push through to the end, this book is a must-read.

At the end of The Dip, Seth notes that “Short books are hard to write”. This book is quite short, for its kind: 80 pages in my hardcover version. Following his own advice, Seth has quit many of the rabbit trails and side points that would have diluted this book, making it more valuable and more accessible at the same time.

This is the 10th book I’ve read this year. You can see the others on my reading list. Have a comment or question? Send me a message or an email